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Manual Therapy

At Rumble Motion your massage begins with communication. Nancy takes the time to fully understand your massage needs and utilizes excellent palpation skills to actually feel the concerns of your body. She utilizes years of experience and ongoing study, on top of excellent foundational training, to understand likely causes and most effective approaches to your issues. 


She delivers focused, detailed clinical massage, at the appropriate level of intensity for you. Nancy can work in a variety of areas that many massage therapists avoid, including the abdomen, hip adductors, under the shoulder blade, collar bone, and jaw, between the ribs, and nooks and crannies of the hands and feet that you didn't know existed. She gets results with a variety of pain and wellness issues, including muscle spasms, chronic and acute injuries, stress relief, headaches, poor sleep, and changes in exercise routine.


Somatic Movement Therapy is an approach to movement that engages the whole person. The body is addressed not as mechanical parts, but as a whole system. This system includes all aspects of the person, including emotional, intellectual, spiritual, physical and expressive selves. The root word, Soma, refers to the body, but the field of Somatics includes a vast array of mindful physical techniques. These include things you've heard of, like yoga and meditation, as well as Nancy's specialities of Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, and GYROKINESIS® method. 

SMT uses movement re-patterning to increase physical function and reduce pain. Nancy uses a variety of methods to incite change, including active movement, hands-on cueing, imagery, creative exploration, body metaphor and anatomical knowledge. SMT can help people find more joy in movement and increase performance range. Athletes compete better; artists are more creative; elders walk better, and everyone finds more meaning in their movement.

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